Port of Lianyungang
Cruising and Travel

The City of Lianyungang is also a popular tourist destination. It offers beautiful natural scenery with both mountains and sea nearby and is considered by many to be an ideal summer resort. Huaguo Mountain, home of the Monkey King, is located here, where visitors can enjoy a succession of beautiful waterfalls, the highest being over 100 feet. Travelers can also visit ancient Haizhou City, 5000-year old totem cave murals, the China's oldest Buddhist murals.

The Haizhou Bay Resort in the Port of Lianyungang contains the city's biggest beach and attracts thousands of visitors every year. The resort offers a variety of restaurants, shops, and entertainment events as well as several Qin Dynasty historic sites.

The Yuwan Natural Scenic Region is part of the Huagoushan Mountain Scenic Zone near the Port of Lianyungang. During the Qing Dynasty, the area was a fishing harbor and shelter. Today, it is a protected natural environment with waterfalls, natural ponds, caves, and springs where visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of southeastern China.

The Port of Lianyungang boasts the wonderful ten-kilometer long Qinshan Magic Path that stretches from Qinshan Island to the mainland. At low tide, the path is visible, but at high tide, much of it is submerged. Legend tells that the first Qin emperor, the Qinshihuang, paved the path with the wonderful white pebbles. The Qinshan Magic Path offers a wonderful area for swimming and exploring.

Xufu Village is the home of an official, Xu Fu, who worked for Emperor Qinshihuang. Xu Fu crossed the ocean in 219 AD searching for herbs that would make the emperor immortal; however, the party never returned. In Japan is a park and tomb bearing Xu Fu's name. Today, a temple and tombstone stand to honor the memory of this local hero.

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