Port of Jinzhou
Cruising and Travel

From 770 to 476 BC, the city of Jinzhou was called Jiangling, and it was the capital of the Chu Kingdom. Its walled city was built during the Three Kingdoms period, and many artifacts have been excavated from the many tombs located in the city. In the Ming Dynasty, the city was rebuilt, with bricks and stone replacing the earlier earthen walls. The modern city walls, the best preserved, were created during the Qing Dynasty. Having been the capital of more than 20 kingdoms, the Port of Jinzhou is rich in archaeological treasures.

The Jingzhou Museum was first build during the Tang Dynasty from 618 to 907 AD. It contains collections of over one hundred thousand relics from the six-thousand year Chu Culture.

The Exhibition Hall and Treasure Halls are also well worth a visitor’s time. Featuring green tiles and Chu-style décor, they contain abundant collections of artifacts. Of special import are the collections of lacquer ware, silk garments and fabrics over two thousand years old, and a near-perfectly preserved corpse of an official of the Han Dynasty. Visitors will appreciate the detailed embroidery, polychrome brocades, and silk ribbons on display.

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