Port of Jiangmen
Cruising and Travel

The Port of Jiangmen has a subtropical climate and monsoon weather. With an average temperature of 21°C (71°F), the best times to visit are in April and May and October and November.

Not only is the Jiangmen countryside blessed with rich farming lands and abundant fish, it has beautiful scenery and many lovely places to visit. One of those places is Bird Paradise, where a 380-year-old banyan tree is home for ten thousand egrets.

Another place to visit is Shangchuan Island, which was used by the Portuguese as a base during the 16th Century. The Spanish Jesuit missionary, St. Francis Xavier, died on the island in 1552 as he travelled th GuangZhou. The island is a regional resort area, enjoying a reputation as the “Eastern Hawaii.” With 20 beaches, it offers clear water, clean sand, and beautiful weather. Feisha Beach is a popular resort area for tourists where they can enjoy water sports and outdoor recreation.

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