Port of Huadu
Cruising and Travel

The Port of Huadu is located in a beautiful area surrounded by green mountains, clean water, and scenic landscapes. There are many popular local scenic spots, including the Forest Park of Prince Mountain, Furong Holiday Resort, the Former Residence and Memorial Hall of Hong Xuiquan, Zizheng Dafu Temple, King Pangu Temple, and the Yuan Xuan Taoist Temple.

The Port of Huadu covers varying elevations. In the north, mountains prevail. Low hills and plateaus dominate the middle of the area, and the Guang Hua Plain is in the south. Together, these landscapes form a northeast-to-southwest incline. The Liuxi River is to the east of the Port of Huadu, and the Bajiang River is to the west.

The Port of Huadu has a tropical monsoon climate that is neither extremely hot in the summer nor very cold in the winter. The annual average temperature is 21.7 ° C (71 ° F).

Jiulong Lake Holiday Resort is located in the northeastern part of the Port of Huadu City. Covering an area of 14 square kilometers, the reservoir is surrounded by beautiful green. The Jiulong Lake, the reservoir, follows the zigzag pattern of the former valley. The resort offers a natural swimming pool, a children's amusement park, a golf course, speed and tour boats, art performances on water, and a greenery barbecue. The facilities also include holiday villas, conference rooms, restaurants, and rooms for music and dancing. The lake covers an area of 2.4 square kilometers, and its deepest bottom is 50 meters.

In the center of downtown Huadu, Xiu Quan Park is a large area with a playground for children and several basketball courts. A covered walkway surrounds a large lake where there is an amusement park, a small zoo, and MiG-15 from the Korean War.

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