Port of Vitoria
Cruising and Travel

The Port of Vitoria is a cozy city known for its beaches, its culture, and its proximity to other tourist destinations in the State of Espirito Santo. The United Nations has said that the city is the fourth best place in Brazil to live. Visitors to the Port of Vitoria will want to see its main attractions.

The Parque da Fonte Grande, on the central island, is the Port of Vitoria’s biggest park. It preserves some of the Atlantic rain forest, including native animals and birds. The Park’s highlight is a 309-meter high mountain where people enjoy panoramic views of the area. The Praca dos Namorados is a long beach-side park where both joggers and lovers enjoy its seaside tranquility.

The Fort Is Joao was constructed in the 17th Century at the entrance of Vitoria Bay to protect the city against pirates and Dutch, French, and Spanish invaders. The 1551 Catedral Metropolitana is a beautiful example of the early colony’s glory, and the Capela de Santa Luzia, Vitoria’s oldest religious building, is open for tours on weekdays. On a hilltop rising above nearby Vila Velha is the Convento da Penha, a 16th Century Franciscan convent.

Water sports are popular in the Port of Vitoria. You can swim, surf, parasail, and scuba dive it its deep waters or enjoy volleyball or soccer on the beach. Sports fishers will want to try some deep-sea fishing while they’re in the Port of Vitoria. A capital for marlin, with world-wide records, you can enter a sport fishing competition. If you like beef, you’ll find some of the best in Vitoria. And Vitoria’s famous Moqueca fish dish is available at many restaurants.

The Port of Vitoria is centrally located for many exciting day-trips to nearby spots like Vila Velha, Domingos Martins, Serra, or Guarapari. Travelers who want to visit the Port of Vitoria by sea can find a list of cruises at the Land or by Sea website.

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