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The Port of Manaus has become famous for eco-tourism. One of its most popular sights is Ponta Negra beach, with a beautiful beach, exciting nightlife, and a luxury hotel. The forested area within the National Research Institute of Amazonia (Portuguese) contains rich botanical and zoological gardens with many threatened and endangered species of Amazonian plants and animals. The CIGS Zoo, a military zoo for animals that have been rescued, is also an army training center. It contains hundreds of native Amazonian species.

The 1896 opera house, Teatro Amazonas, is a favorite landmark for tourists. It demonstrates the tremendous wealth that came with the earlier rubber boom. Taking 15 years to construct, the theater contains a museum, Italian frescoes, crystal chandeliers, and wrought-iron banisters. The Port of Manaus’ oldest market, the 1882 Mercado Adolpho Lisboa, is a copy of Paris’ Les Halles market.

The city boasts several large parks and forest preservation areas like the Bosque da Ciencia (Portuguese) and Parque do Mindu. The 1909 Federal University of Amazonas, Brazil’s oldest federal university, contains the world’s largest urban forest. Visitors will also find several popular public swimming areas near the city.

isitors enjoy a boat tour to the Paricatuba Waterfall on the Negro River. Formed by sedimentary rocks, it is surrounded by lush vegetation. The Love Cascade with clear cold water is accessible in the forest by boat and then hiking. Visitors will find many beaches on the river that are accessible only by boat and only during the dry season.

The Adolpho Ducke Botanical Garden is hidden in a 100 square kilometer ecological reserve (the world’s biggest). The Municipal Park of Mindu covers 330 thousand square meters within the city. It is a last habitat for the quickly-disappearing sauim-de-coleira monkey that lives only in the Manaus region. The park covers four ecosystems and has library and gardens for medicinal and aromatic herbs and orchids.

The Tropical Manaus Eco Resort is Brazil’s most luxurious eco-hotel. Located on the banks of the Negro River in the heart of the forest, it offers 588 apartments and a wide range of services. Despite its apparent isolation, it’s only 10 kilometers from the airport and 16 kilometers from downtown.

The Iberostar Gran Amazon is a luxury tour boat that can take as many as 150 people on cruises on the Negro and Amazon Rivers. Offering the comfort of a 5-star hotel, the trip starts in Manaus and stops at several places where passengers can take short river excursions to explore the lush forest.

Travelers wishing to visit the Port of Manaus will find a comprehensive list of cruises on the Cruise Compete website.

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