Freeport Container Port
Cruising and Travel

In addition to the Freeport Container Terminal, tourism is a major source of income for Freeport and the Bahamas. Over a million tourists arrive each year. Much tourist activity takes place in the seaside suburb of Lucaya, where visitors find most of the hotels and nightlife.

In 2008, TripAdvisor? selected Freeport as a Best Destination Top 25 Latin America / Caribbean in its Travelers’ Choice? Destinations Awards. While Nassau, the traditional tourism center in the Bahamas, is a blend of old and new, Freeport/Lucaya is a modern planned city offering long clean beaches, luxurious hotels, a huge casino, nightlife, and some of the best scuba-diving in the Caribbean.

Travelers wishing to travel by sea to Freeport can visit the Cruise Compete website for a list of cruises through the 2010 season.

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