Port of Pago-Pago
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The Port of Pago Pago is a popular tourist destination for those who seek exotic adventures. It lies on a strikingly beautiful island. The town sits at the western end of the L-shaped Pago Pago Bay, surrounded by lush green mountains with rain forests and many waterfalls. Offshore, coral reefs dot the coast.

The people of the island of American Samoa adhere to a traditional way of life. Visitors will find a limited number of restaurants and a few shops. But locals come to the docks to sell their crafts as ships arrive and depart. Tours of the island are available. Cruise passengers will be astounded by the whales that swim aside their ship, as the islands are a wintering spot for humpback whales and a regular stop for sperm whales and dolphin. The waters are abundant with sea turtles.

In the Port of Pago Pago, you will find the Haydon Museum containing an impressive collection of artifacts left by ancient Samoans. Downtown Pago Pago offers several hotels and inns. The harbor contains several beaches protected by rocky islets that make them good for swimming.

The 2470-acre National Park of American Samoa containing two trails, a rigorous one on Mt. Alava and a gentle one at Afono Village. The beach at Alega offers good swimming, snorkeling, and a thriving bar known as Tisa’s barefoot bar. The beach at Amouli Village is popular with both tourists and natives, its lagoon offering a safe swimming hole. At the northeastern end of the island is Tula Village, a small village with a beautiful beach and a trail to high cliffs with walking trails and breathtaking views of the sea.

You can find a list of cruises that visit the Port of Pago Pago on the Cruise Compete website.

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