Port of Puerto Deseado
Cruising and Travel

Puerto Deseado is a paradise for nature lovers. The Deseado River, whose geology dates back 160 million years, is a unique area where the dry riverbed is washed by ocean waters as far as 42 kilometers inland that have created a unique and diverse biological community. Visitors can tour this official Intangible Natural Reserve on inflatable boats to enjoy the incredible birds living there.

The Cabo Blanco Intangible Natural Reserve is 88 kilometers north of Puerto Deseado. Archeological evidence suggests human habitation here as long ago as 3,000 years. Here lives a colony of South American fur seals, a species now recovering from centuries of hunting and poaching. A few miles away, remains of an old salt mine stand.

Puerto Deseado is home to a railway museum that recalls memories of the early days of the railroad.

The Jaramillo Petrified Forest lies 256 kilometers southwest of Puerto Deseado. There, you will find 30-meter long, 2-meter wide tree trunks that developed some 1.4 million years ago in a time before the Andes existed, when Patagonia was covered with 100-meter tall trees. While overnight stays are not allowed, park rangers are available for geological tours.

Visitors can kayak in Ria Deseado Natural Research to see dolphins in the river and the colony of Magellan Penguins at Isla de los Pajaros.

The Deseado Eco Safari explores the Deseado Estuary Natural Reserve and allows views of sea fauna like dolphins and elephant seals and colonies of seabirds like cormorants and Antarctic doves. The Safari takes you to Isla de los Pajaros to visit the Magellan Penguins and a variety of seabirds.

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