Porto de Luanda
Cruising and Travel

Africa Travel Magazine reports that the beaches at Luanda Bay, including Mussulo Island, are fabulous. Fresh lobster is a favorite treat.

The 1575 Fortress of S. Miguel de Luanda overlooks the city, the Bay, and the islands. The Fort is a military museum with its original cannons, statues of major explorers and historic leaders. The interior walls tell the story of Angola since the Portuguese landed there in the late 1500s.

Just south of Porto de Luanda is the Parque Nacional Da Kissama, a wonderful reserve for viewing native ostrich, gazelle, giraffes, exotic birds, and the indigenous palanca antelope.

The U.S. Department of State observes that, while security in Angola had improved greatly since the civil war, Americans should exercise caution when traveling there. Travel on roads outside Porto de Luanda is unsafe, and while the military and police should not be challenged, they are sometimes undisciplined. The State Department advises travelers to keep car doors locked and windows rolled up, with packages out of sight. They also warn visitors to avoid travel after dark, particularly on roads outside the city.

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