Port Sucre
Port Commerce

Port Sucre is operated by Duarte Vivas & Asociados, CA, an international trading company based in Caracas, Venezuela. The former operator, the Selinger Group, now operates maritime-related businesses in Port Sucre including logistics services.

As the port for Cumana, Port Sucre has a finger pier with one berth on either side, allowing two vessels to dock at the same time. The northern berth is 145 meters long, and the access road gives additional berthing length at the pier so that vessels to 170 meters long can berth at the inside dock.

Port Sucre contains three warehouses with a total area of 3.6 thousand square meters and open paved space of 7.5 thousand square meters. Port Sucre has ample equipment that includes a 35-ton capacity mobile crane, a 30-ton capacity forklift, two 12-ton forklifts, and five forklifts with capacity from two to four tons.

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