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The modern Port of Skagit is about half-way between Seattle, Washington, and Vancouver, British Columbia. The Port of Skagit owns and operates the Skagit Regional Airport, the Bayview Business Park, and the La Conner Marina. Port of Skagit facilities are home to over 80 businesses that employ about 1100 workers.

The three-member Board of Commissioners governs the Port of Skagit which is an economic development engine for Skagit County. The Port of Skagit provides excellent services to the district at minimal cost. Elected to six-year terms, the Port of Skagit Board of Commissioners sets policy, approves expenditures, and appoints the Executive Director who administers the Port of Skagit.

Voters approved the creation of the Port of Skagit in 1964 to support employment opportunities in the agriculture, fisheries, wood products, and mineral extraction industries. Since its formation, the Port of Skagit has broadened its scope to develop infrastructure and facilities that support tourism, local commerce, and trade.

The Port of Skagit realizes its goals by acquiring, developing, and managing industrial property; providing transportation links for local products bound for global markets; developing and operating facilities for trade and tourism; developing the physical and technological infrastructure for business, trade, and commerce; and providing development programs for start-up and relocating businesses.

The Port of Skagit has developed a plan that emphasizes transparent and effective governance and excellent public services. The Port of Skagit's goals include promoting efficient port operations, developing a port-wide business plan, enhancing marketing efforts, updating harbor improvement schemes, promoting fiscal accountability, and facilitating the extension of fiber in Skagit County.

The La Conner Marina in the Port of Skagit is a popular destination for recreational boaters, commercial fishers, and marine-related business and manufacturing. To assure the continued high quality life in La Conner, the Port of Skagit dredges the Swinomish Channel every three years, maintains the La Conner Marina according to the established plan, creates plans for long-term development, partners with the town of La Conner on marina access, and implements a solid marketing plan. The La Conner Marina is a two-hour cruise from the Port of Skagit to the heart of the San Juan Islands.

In 1970, the Port of Skagit completed a 300-slip moorage facility in the South Basin. In 1978, the Port of Skagit built the North Basin. After these facilities were completed, the Port of Skagit added commercial boat moorage space and dry boat storage.

The modern La Conner Marina in the Port of Skagit has two moorage basins that cover a total of almost ten hectares. The Port of Skagit's La Conner Marina contains 366 covered slips, 131 open slips, and 731.5 meters (2400 feet) of dock space for overnight moorage.

The La Conner Marina in the Port of Skagit is open for business from May through September from 8am until 5pm every day. During the winter, the La Conner Marina office is closed on Sunday. During the summer, the boat launch and dry boat storage facility are open every day from 8am until 7pm (close at 5pm in the winter).

The Port of Skagit's La Conner Marina offers moorage for a variety of vessels, with charges based on the length of the berth or vessel. Moorage application forms are available at the La Conner Marina office. The Port of Skagit may offer specials on moorage from time to time. Covered moorage spaces are available for boats to 15.2 meters (50 feet). Port of Skagit moorage for commercial fishing vessels to 18.3 meters (60 feet) and open moorage is also available in the La Conner Marina. Storage for dry boats includes free unlimited boat launches, boat cleaning, boat fueling, engine flush, and bilge draining.

Port of Skagit guest moorage is available at Floats F and G, and guest fees are based on boat length. Electric power, water, showers, and laundry are included. Restrooms are open at the head of Float F from 6am until midnight each day.

Other services at the La Conner Marina in the Port of Skagit include a haul-out slip with sling hoist, waste pump-out, free Wi-Fi, recycling, parking, and key card security.

The Port of Skagit plans to replace many in-water facilities at the La Conner Marina over the next 15 years. Included in the plans are new larger boat slips, expanded upland dry boat storage, and a new dry stack boat storage facility in the Port of Skagit.

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