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The Kingston Port District is closely linked with the community. The Port of Kingston is critical to the local economy, and it is an important employer. The Port of Kingston Marina attracts visitors and new residents, making it a hub for the community's economic life and a major source for downtown recreation.

The Port of Kingston covers 11 acres of land and 10 acres of water surface. It has a 317-meter (1040-foot) breakwater that protects the Marina from storm waves and ship wakes. The Washington State Ferries leases four acres from the Port of Kingston for its terminal. More than six thousand people reside in the Kingston Port District, and the Port of Kingston serves nearby communities like Indianola, Eglon, Suquamish, Poulsbro, Bainbridge Island, and Silverdale.

The Auto Ferry Terminal is located to the northeast of the Port of Kingston Marina. It includes a ferry dock and an auxiliary dock for idle ferries, each with dolphins. The Port of Kingston ferry docking facility operated by Washington State Ferries also has an access pier, a waiting house, restrooms, toll booths, and storage sheds.

Permanent moorage in the Port of Kingston Marina is made up of five floating piers with 262 slips for vessels from 7.3 to 18.3 meters (24 to 60 feet). Electric power and fresh water are available at each dock. Covered moorage is available at docks C, D, and E where there is a total of 54 covered slips. Each pier has gated access with electronic key entry. Currently, there is a six-month waiting list for smaller slips in the Port of Kingston, and a longer 10-year waiting list for the large covered slips. An application and non-refundable fee are required for boaters wanting to be place on the waiting list for permanent moorage in the Port of Kingston. Tenants are allowed to sublet their slip for as long as six months per year after providing proof of liability insurance to the Port of Kingston.

Transient moorage is available along the Port of Kingston harbor's eastern edge. Guest moorage includes 49 transient slips from 7.3 to 15.2 meters (24 to 50 feet) for commercial fishers and recreational boaters, and there are covered picnic areas available for guests. The Port of Kingston's transient moorage can accommodate vessels to 25.9 meters (85 feet), and slips can be reserved in advance. There are nine 9.1-meter (30-foot) slips available on a first-come first-served basis. Amenities for transient guests include bathrooms with hot showers, laundry facilities, access to the Port of Kingston's electric vehicle, a gift shop, and Wi-Fi Internet access. The Port of Kingston takes reservations beginning January 2nd for the calendar year.

The 87-square-meter (987-square-foot) Fuel Pier in the Port of Kingston offers diesel fuel and ethanol-free gasoline. The pier is connected to a fixed boardwalk by a ramp. The Fuel Pier has two 12-thousand gallon underground tanks, and a new fuel dispenser supports passenger vessels. The fuel dock is open in the Port of Kingston seven days a week from 8am until 4:45pm (closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day). During the summer, the fuel dock is open on Friday and Saturday until 7:45pm, and there is a free pump-out station accessible during fuel dock hours.

The Port of Kingston has a Kayak and Small Boat Facility that has covered storage spaces for 28 vessels from 2.4 to 7.3 meters (eight to 24 feet). The Port of Kingston's Kayak and Small Boat Facility has an easy-to-use step launch and retrieval system. It is located at Dock A, protected by a secured gate.

In 1997, the Port of Kingston bought North Beach which is immediately north of the Ferry Terminal and linked to the terminal by a wooden walkway. North Beach is a beautiful and rare sand beach for Puget Sound, and difficult access makes it sparsely populated. The Port of Kingston also has a Performing Arts Stage for local events.

The Port of Kingston Boat Launch is a double-lane ramp that is complemented by 18 trailer and truck parking stalls. Although it may not be accessible at lowest tide, the Port of Kingston launch ramp is open to the public 24 hours a day without charge. There is a small parking fee for trucks and trailers.

The Port of Kingston offices are located in the same building with the restrooms and laundry facility. Port meetings are held here, and the meeting room is available for other groups. There is also a kiosk where tenants and guests of the Marina can reach Port of Kingston staff during business hours.

Port of Kingston Marina members have access to the Kingston Cove Yacht Club and Port Shop, a 348-square-meter (3744-square-foot) meeting hall and outdoor picnic facility that is also available for local gatherings. The building includes the Port of Kingston Shop and maintenance equipment.

Accessible from the Washington State Ferry Terminal, the Port of Kingston Fishing Pier is open 24 hours a day. Run by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, the 122-meter (400-foot) long pier is used by recreational fishers to catch squid, crab, and other species. During the summer and fall, the pier provides access to local salmon runs.

The Port of Kingston has developed a master plan that includes short-term objectives through 2016, mid-term objectives covering the following decade, and long-term objectives for the next 20 years. Short-term objectives include conducting a survey of covered moorage and making necessary repairs, implementing hillside landscaping, reconfiguring the Port of Kingston A-Dock/Sailing Float, and dredging the Port of Kingston Marina. In the short term, the Port of Kingston plans a minor Marina expansion to address waiting lists for the West Sound, building a playground and improving water access to encourage community development and recreation, and providing more public access and recreation by acquiring shoreline property. The Port of Kingston will also provide electric cars for resident and visiting boaters to offer greater access to community businesses.

Mid-Term Objectives for the Port of Kingston include port improvements and additions. The Port of Kingston continues to acquire property for shoreline public access to the Marina. The Port of Kingston plans to work with private interests to acquire property for a restaurant and hotel to encourage tourism and to identify opportunities to develop public attractions. Other mid-term Port of Kingston objectives include improving the stormwater-handling system, modifying the breakwater (with the help of the Corps of Engineers) to improve salmon migration, upgrading underground utilities, improving the existing launch ramp, and providing seaplane access to the Port of Kingston.

Long-term objectives for the Port of Kingston include implementing a major marina expansion to promote recreational boat sales and recreational boating by providing additional moorage for residents and guests. The Port of Kingston will also identify specific opportunities to develop facilities and infrastructure by acquiring upland areas.

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