Port of Texas City
Port Commerce

The Port of Texas City and the Texas City Terminal Railway Company is the United States' eight largest port and Texas' third largest. The Texas City Terminal Railway Company owns and operates the Port of Texas City, linking land and port and handling more than 78 million tons of waterborne cargo and25 thousand railcar loads of cargo per year. Shareholders in the privately-owned Port of Texas City include the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroads.

Port of Texas City crews operate switching in the area and serve not only the port but all local businesses and industries needing rail service. Daily connections with the main rail lines support the efficient handling of cargo. The Port of Texas City operates three MP1500 horsepower locomotives and over 51 kilometers of tracks as well as a state-of-the-art railroad track scale for customers.

Port of Texas City Terminal railcars move mostly chemicals and dry bulk cargoes that include hazardous materials. The Port of Texas City has won the Texas Safety Association's Award of Honor in recognition of their outstanding efforts to ensure safety. The Port of Texas City continually reviews its harbor and rail operations to assure they offer dependable and efficient performance and modern streamlined services.

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