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The Orange County Navigation and Port District is the port authority for the Port of Orange. Partially funded by the US Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration, the Port of Orange Transmodal Marine Yard (TMY) has brings new intermodal facilities to the Alabama Street Terminal located at the intersection of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway and the Sabine River. The TMY allows the Port of Orange to participate in container-on-barge shipping and create jobs for the region. The ability to ship petrochemical and manufacturing products is a great boon to economic development in the Port of Orange community.

Container-on-barge shipment reduces customers' transportation costs when compared to trucks and rail because several containers can be moved on barges that carry 20% more cargo than trucks or trains. Additional advantages include reduced air pollution and highway congestion. The TMY project involved adding a 131-meter (430-foot) bulkhead for moving containers and project cargo to/from barges. A new loading and staging yard further facilitates transfer of cargo. A new heavy-duty three-lane roadway supports intermodal movements of cargo within the Alabama Street Terminal.

The Orange County Navigation and Port District owns and operates Berths 1 through 4 at the Alabama Street Terminal Wharf to moor vessels. The berths have berthing distance of 701 meters (2300 feet) with alongside depth of 9.1 meters (30 feet). They were used in the past to ship and receive general cargo. The eight transit sheds at the Port of Orange's Alabama Street Terminal are used as warehouses. Berths 1-4 are served by carfloor-level tracks that join a surface track that connects with the Union Pacific Railroad.

The port authority for the Port of Orange also owns and operates the Alabama Street Terminal Keystone Slip Moorings for mooring barges. The Keystone Slip Moorings has berthing distance of 426.7 meters (1400 feet) with alongside depth of 10.4 meters (34 feet). A surface rail track connects the slip with the Union Pacific Railroad.

The port authority owns, and Houston Ship Repair Inc. operates the Dock No. 2 Wharf in the Port of Orange to moor vessels and barges for repair. The No. 2 Wharf has berthing distance of 222.5 meters (730 feet) with alongside depth of four meters (13 feet). A marine repair plant is located at the rear of the dock.

The US Government owns, and the US Navy Reserve operates the Port of Orange Pier No. 10 to moor government-owned vessels. The Naval Reserve Center is located across Pier Road from the pier. This Port of Orange facility and two berthing stations, each with berthing distance of 128 meters (420 feet) and with alongside depth of 10.7 meters (35 feet).

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