Bay Shore Harbor
Port Commerce

The Bay Shore Harbor Marina overlooks the beautiful Great South Bay and includes a small beach, a waterpark, a restaurant, and a large dock area. The Bay Shore Harbor marina also has a new waterpark called ShipWreck Cove. Entrance fees range from $5 for people with an Islip Recreation Card to $10 for non-residents.

Fire Island Ferries, Inc. operates the state-owned Bay Shore Harbor Ferry terminal. Fire Island Ferries is the largest of three ferry services moving people and freight between the mainland and Fire Island. Their main terminal is in Bay Shore Harbor. Fire Island Ferries has been providing safe marine transportation to Fire Island since 1948. It is a 30-minute trip between Bay Shore Harbor and Fire Island. Fares for round trips range from $17 for adults to $7.50 for children aged two through 12. Dogs are charged a child's fare.

Fire Island Ferries also provides freight boats carrying items ranging from cases of beverages and cans of gasoline or water to bicycles, grills, furniture, plants and trees, kayaks, jet skis, surfboards, and large items like appliances and lumber. Freight rates between Fire Island and Bay Shore Harbor run from $5 for small items up to $40 for an item like a refrigerator or $100 for a walk-in box.

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