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The Maine Port Authority is responsible for the management of the Port of Bucksport. The port authority is charged with stimulating commerce by developing both marine and rail facilities and supporting the intermodal movement of people and cargo in the State. The Maine Port Authority's Board of Commissioners is headed by a Commissioner representing the State's Department of Transportation. Other commissioners represent commercial and trade organizations.

The Port of Bucksport Harbor Master enforces the town's harbor management ordinance. The Harbor Master provides moorings, manages use of the Port of Bucksport Town Dock, and oversees the operation of vessels in the Port of Bucksport harbor. About one nautical mile long, the Port of Bucksport harbor has about 30 privately-owned moorings and about 12 rentals permitted by the US Army Corps of Engineers and owned by Bucksport Marine Services. The town permits all moorings through the Port of Bucksport Harbor Master.

The Port of Bucksport is a Maine cargo port about half-way between Bangor and Searsport. The Port of Bucksport serves recreational boating, ocean-going tankers, and fuel barges. The Port of Bucksport's fuel pier is 274.3 meters (900 feet) long and is accessible by rail as well as by sea.

The Port of Bucksport public dock is a 79.2-meter (260-foot) wooden flat system attached to steel pilings and connected to a stationary wooden pier by an aluminum ramp. Alongside depth is about 4.6 meters (15 feet) at mean low water. Electricity is not available at the Port of Bucksport's town dock.

About 30 meters (100 feet) from the Port of Bucksport town dock, the privately-held Bucksport Marina offering about 40 slips for vessels to 12.2 meters (40 feet) long. It can accommodate larger vessels of as much as 30.5 meters (100 feet) at its outboard floats. This Port of Bucksport marina offers electricity and water hook-ups.

The Webber Dock in the Port of Bucksport serves tankers and barges more than 152.4 meters (500 feet) long with drafts up to 10.1 meters (33 feet).

About 610 meters (two thousand feet) upriver of the Webber Dock is the Webber Dock Dock. The State of Maine's Department of Environmental Protection uses the dock to moor its 45.7-meter (150-foot) oil recovery barge and tugboats.

The Port of Bucksport's Small Boat and Fishing Dock is about 670 meters (2200 feet) downriver from the public dock. It is used for dock fishing and for the launch of small canoes and kayaks.

The State-owned Verona Island Boat Landing is in the east channel about 595 meters (1950 feet) east-southeast of the Port of Bucksport public dock.

The Sprague Energy Corporation's Port of Bucksport Wharf is used to ship and receive petroleum products. It is jointly operated by Webber Tanks Inc. and Sprague Energy. Two surface rail tracks connect to the Maine Central Railroad Company. Sprague Energy operates a 12-inch pipeline connected to four steel tanks with total capacity for 340 thousand barrels, and Webber Tanks has 14- and 12-inch pipelines that connect the wharf to seven steel storage tanks with total capacity for 780 thousand barrels. With a berthing distance of 850 meters (almost 2.8 thousand feet), the timber-pile and -decked 106.7-meter (350-foot) wharf with alongside depth of 11 meters (36 feet) serves the nearby paper mill as idle mooring for tugs.

Located about eight kilometers (5 miles) upstream from the Port of Bucksport, the Winterport Terminals Wharf is used for the occasional shipping and receiving of unitized refrigerated foods. The Winterport Terminals Wharf is 270 meters 270 meters (886 feet) long with alongside depth of 7.6 meters (25 feet). Owned and operated by Winterport Terminals LLC, the wharf is equipped with a temperature-controlled warehouse with capacity for 11.3 thousand cubic meters (400 thousand cubic feet) of frozen food. A second warehouse offers about 929 square meters (ten thousand square feet) for storage of dry cargo.

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