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Rockport's Harbor Advisory Committee works with the city's Harbor Department to make recommendations on the management of the town's harbors. Committee members represent fishermen and mariners and citizens with knowledge of the major harbors and are appointed by the Rockport Harbor Board of Selectmen. Rockport Harbormasters also attend the monthly committee meetings.

Rockport Harbor Advisory Committee duties include updating the Rockport Harbor Code of By-Laws with the Harbor Department, helping plan and manage the town's harbors, helping develop the Town of Rockport Harbor White Wharf Facility, developing and implementing the Municipal Harbor Plan, addressing problems between town mariners and the Harbor Department, advising the Harbor Department regarding requests from commercial fishermen and local mariners, and commenting on all waterfront-related license applications.

Rockport Harbor contains four harbors that are managed by the Harbormasters. These include the North and South Basins in the Main Harbor, Pigeon Cove Harbor, Granite Pier Harbor, and the Old Harbor containing the new White Wharf town facility. These harbors are home to more than 360 vessels, one third of which are commercial fishing boats. The remaining vessels are pleasure boats, both power and sail.

The Rockport Harbormasters enforce the State's laws and regulations, including the Massachusetts Shellfish laws, and work with other maritime agencies like the US Coast Guard and Customs and the Environmental Police. The harbormasters also conduct search and rescue operations.

Transient berths at the main harbor are available through the harbormasters at a rate of $1 per foot per night. Slips are also available at the Sandy Bay Yacht Club or by the wall on Motif #1. There is also an anchorage in Sandy Bay.

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