Port of New Bedford
Port Commerce

The New Bedford Harbor Development Commission is the port authority for the Port of New Bedford. In addition to being the United States top fishing port, the New Bedford/Fairhaven Harbor houses eight marinas with state-of-the-art services for recreational boaters.

The Port of New Bedford State Pier is home to the Port of New Bedford's commercial shipping traffic. Maritime International, Inc., operates cold storage warehouses in the Port of New Bedford to serve the perishable food industry. The warehouses cover 17.7 thousand square meters and can store more than 116 thousand cubic meters of cargo. The Maritime and Bridge Terminals have more than 304.8 meters of docks with alongside depth of 9.1 meters.

The Port of New Bedford's Pope's Island Terminal contains facilities for commercial trade and for public recreational vessels. The Harbor Development Commission operates a 198-slip public marina, the Popes Island Marina, located within the Hurricane Barrier in the upper harbor.

The Sprague Energy Petroleum Terminal in the Port of New Bedford is one of the Charles H. Sprague Company network of deep-water terminals supplying energy and materials in New England. Distributing home heating oil, diesel fuel, residual fuels, gasoline, and natural gas, the Sprague Energy Petroleum Terminal also provides handling services for liquid and dry bulk cargoes.

The Port of New Bedford State Pier is home to the Quick Start Ferry facility, providing inter-modal freight transfer services for cargoes to be carried by rail and by truck. The terminal has a pier with alongside depth of 8.2 meters, capability to handle roll-on/roll-off cargoes, and offsite cold storage facilities. The 30.5-meter long ramp can handle up to 200 tons of cargo. The Port of New Bedford Harbor Development Commission operates the Freight Ferry Terminal on State Pier.

The Port of New Bedford contains a designated Free Trade Zone offering a competitive advantage to non-USA businesses wanting to enter US markets. The Free Trade Zone includes the Port of New Bedford, the Regional Airport, and adjacent handling and storage areas. It can also sponsor general purpose sites within 60 miles of the Port of New Bedford and can sponsor qualified subzones anywhere in Massachusetts.

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