Port of Fall River
Port Commerce

The Port of Fall River offers a safe deepwater harbor with a 36-foot deep channel. The channel travels the Taunton River into Narragansett Bay to enter the Atlantic shipping lanes. The Port of Fall River is second only to Boston as Massachusetts most active cargo port. In 2005, the Port of Fall River received almost $140 million US in international cargo, primarily from Latin America.

The Port of Fall River’s channel and harbor are normally free from ice throughout the year, although the Taunton River approach is often closed from December through March due to ice.

Trading partners with the Port of Fall River include Europe, the Caribbean, South America, and Cape Verde to the west of the African continent. Cargoes include paper, latex and chemicals, frozen fish, coal and lignite, vehicles, and equipment. Two 500-foot berths adjoin ten acres of land, with four acres for exterior storage and a 96 thousand square foot shed. Services include a roll-on/roll-off ramp, direct on-dock rail connections, and easy access to highways.

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