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The Owensboro Riverport Authority operates and maintains a market-focused customer-oriented intermodal facility to enhance economic growth and commerce for Owensboro and the surrounding region. Owensboro Riverport handles about 860 thousand short tons of cargo each year. The major cargoes include steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, magnesium, grain, paper, fertilizer, project cargoes, and general cargo as well as a variety of bulk commodities.

Owensboro Riverport won Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) status in 2003, and it is a designated US Port of Entry. About 181 acres of the port's area is FTZ-activated. Owensboro Riverport provides 102 jobs and annual income of $15.8 million for the community. Indirectly, it creates 449 jobs and $88.7 million a year in economic activity. Owensboro Riverport facilities support the full range of cargo vessels and barges.

The Owensboro Riverport Harbor Road Terminal occupies 285 acres and serves as a public river terminal and warehousing service. Owensboro Riverport has six pile cells and six mooring dolphins that serve as barge slips. The Owensboro Riverport rail site covers 102 acres and contains 2.5 thousand meters (8200 feet) of rail designed to support industrial development. A 1.7 thousand meter (5700 foot) rail loop can accommodate as many as 84 19.8-meter (65-foot) rail cars or 100 15.2-meter (50-foot) rail cars. Space is available next to the rail yard for future construction. Owensboro Riverport's Harbor Road Terminal is open from 7am until 3pm on weekdays.

The Owensboro Riverport Harbor Road Terminal, celebrating almost 36 years of operations, has modern cargo-handling equipment. Two 110-ton cranes, one on a floating spud barge, complement the complete line of forklifts, loaders, and specialty equipment available at Owensboro Riverport. There is also a 24.4-meter (80-foot) state-of-the-art truck scale on site that is available to the public. The Harbor Road Terminal in Owensboro Riverport has a fully-equipped maintenance shop.

Owensboro Riverport offers about 65 thousand square meters (700 thousand square feet) of off- and on-site indoor warehouses and more than 110 acres of surfaced outdoor storage. Several domed facilities have capacity for 14.2 thousand tons of for bulk cargo, and the grain-handling facility can store up to 690 thousand bushels of grain.

With water, highway, air, and rail access, Owensboro Riverport serves all major barge lines on the Ohio River including American Commercial, Crouse, and many more. Owensboro Riverport offers tug and fleeting services 24 hours a day. CSX Rail Transport is the primary railway serving Owensboro Riverport and several of the on-site industrial facilities. Owensboro Riverport is just 6.4 kilometers (four miles) north of the Owensboro-Daviess County Regional Airport, and it is linked to Interstate Highways 64 and 65 via the Audubon and Natcher Parkways.

The Whaylon D. Coleman Terminal covers 91.5 acres and contains a 1.1 thousand square meter (12 thousand square foot) building served by a 10-ton overhead crane. There is also a 371 square meter (four thousand square foot) metal building on the property. Served by several barge lines, the Coleman Terminal has about 3.3 thousand meters (10.7 thousand feet) of rail spur on site. It is also served by US Highway 60 which runs flanks Interstates 64 and 65. While vacant and for sale at the time of the US Army Corps of Engineers survey, the Owensboro Riverport Whaylon D. Coleman Terminal was the site of Green River Steel's mill producing steel shapes from raw materials.

Owensboro Riverport's warehousing and storage services offer more than 46 thousand square meters (500 thousand square feet) of on-site warehouse space, and more space is available off-site. The Owensboro Riverport's warehousing operations are open from 8am until 5pm on weekdays, and customers may schedule additional time if needed.

The Owensboro Riverport Authority owns and operates the Dry Bulk and General Cargo Dock to ship and receive general cargo and dry bulk materials that include fertilizer, aluminum ingots and molds, ferromanganese and ferrochrome ore, and steel products and fabrications. Two 50-car capacity surface rail tracks serve this Owensboro Riverport terminal at the rear and connect with CSX Rail Transport. Two storage domes at the rear can accommodate 14.2 thousand tons of fertilizer.

Additional terminal facilities at the Owensboro Riverport Dry Bulk and General Cargo Dock include open storage areas: 2.5 acres of asphalt-paved yard and 5 acres of unpaved open storage. There is a four thousand square meter (44 thousand square foot) and a two thousand square meter (22 thousand square foot) storage warehouse for bulk cargoes at the terminal. At moorings across the Ohio River, Owensboro Harbor Service manages the "759 Indiana Fleet" with capacity for 15 barges. The Owensboro Riverport Dry Bulk and General Cargo Dock has berthing space of 238 meters (780 feet) with alongside depth of 3 meters (10 feet) NPE.

The City of Owensboro owns and operates the Owensboro Riverport Municipal Wharf which is used to moor a variety of vessels. With a small boat launch ramp at the lower end, the Municipal Wharf has berthing space of 305 meters (1000 feet).

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