Calumet Harbor
Port Commerce

The Illinois International Port District is the Port Authority for Calumet Harbor and the other harbors that make up the Port of Chicago. Calumet Harbor is located on 95th Street near the junction of three US highways. The mouth of the Little Calumet River is at the north end of the Calumet Harbor.

Most facets of the US Army Corps of Engineers' Calumet Harbor and River project are located within the city limits of Chicago. However, anchorage areas, the harbor navigation channel, and most of the breakwaters are located in Indiana.

Today, the Calumet Harbor project includes an outer harbor that is protected by a two-thousand-meter (6.7 thousand foot) breakwater to the north and northeast. A 1.5-thousand-meter (five-thousand-foot) breakwater protects the Calumet Harbor to the northeast.

The Calumet Harbor has a 975-meter (3200-foot) wide, 8.8-meter (29-foot) deep approach channel. The outer harbor channel and anchorage area is 914 meters (3000 feet) wide by 8.5 meters (28 feet) deep. The river entrance channel is 82.3 meters (270 feet) wide by 8.8 meters (29 feet) deep. The major cargoes supported by Calumet Harbor include limestone, cement, taconite, petroleum products, chemical fertilizers, steel, salt, and grains as well as other miscellaneous freight.

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