Port Wentworth
Port Commerce

Port Wentworth is home to one of Weyerhaeuser Company's six paper mills in the United States. Weyerhaeuser manages 22 million acres of timberland and has operations or offices in ten countries. The Port Wentworth is located near forestlands managed for sustainability that produce some of the world's best cellulose fiber.

The Port Wentworth mill is convenient to the Port of Savannah, a world leader in handling forest products. The Port Wentworth mill creates bleached southern softwood kraft pulp that is used for many absorbent, paper grade, and specialty applications. The Port Wentworth mill has access to many different transportation modes that help it meet Weyerhaeuser's international and domestic markets. The Port Wentworth mill has capacity to produce 300 thousand air-dried metric tons of fluff and paper grade pulp and specialty cellulose fibers each year.

The Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation owns the Port Wentworth Mill Wharf, although it was not in operation at the time of the survey. The wharf has one platform-level track and additional tracks that serve the plant and an open storage area. The rails connect with the Norfolk Southern Corporation's rails. At the rear of the wharf is a 140-by-68-meter (460-by-225-foot) concrete building for storage of paper products. The Port Wentworth Mill Wharf has berthing space of 123.4 meters (405 feet) with alongside depth of 9.1 meters (30 feet).

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