Black Rock Harbor
Port Commerce

Originally a busy commercial port, Black Rock Harbor is now primarily a harbor for recreational vessels. It is also a popular place to see seabirds and marine wildlife. Walkways line the harbor, and the Black Rock Harbor area is full of historic attractions.

The Black Rock Yacht Club is dedicated to supporting yachting and yacht racing. They offer programs to build community sportsmanship and team yachting skills for people of all ages. Established in 1874, the yacht club is housed in a building previously owned by an associate of P.T. Barnum, George A. Wells. Wells operated the world-famous George Hotel, and the Club House was a bar and restaurant. There was a 152-meter pier that stretched into the channel. By the early 20th Century, the golden era of the George Hotel were over, and the building became a summer home. In 1926, it opened as the Black Rock Yacht and Lawn Club.

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