Two Harbors
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Catalina Harbor, located to the west of Two Harbors, has long been a refuge for sailors. It is the only natural deep-water all-weather harbor between San Francisco and San Diego. Isthmus Cove, immediately east of Two Harbors, faces the mainland and usually has calm waters. The resort area of Two Harbors offers all the amenities that boaters expect.

Two Harbors is a popular destination for recreational boaters. With hundreds of mooring spaces, the Harbor Patrol will meet arrivals outside the mooring area to assign slips and collect fees. During holidays and three-day weekends, space for moorings at Two Harbors may be limited.

Most of the moorings in Two Harbors are leased by private parties, but many of them are available for rent. Charges are based on the length of stay and the size of the mooring.

Two Harbors has two dinghy docks, located in Catalina Harbor (to the west of Two Harbors) and at Isthmus Cove, that accommodate dinghies shorter than 4.3 meters (14 feet). While passenger loading and unloading is possible, the Isthmus Pier is used for mooring shore boats and Harbor Patrol boats only.

Two Harbors has a marine fuel dock where water, gas, and diesel are available throughout the year. No wash-downs are allowed at the fuel dock, but propane is also available on shore.

Two Harbors requests that visitors fill their water tanks before arrival because water supply is limited on Santa Catalina Island. Rationing is sometimes necessary, so water conservation is very important in Two Harbors.

Newly-renovated public facilities are available to the east of Two Harbors' main plaza not far from Isthmus Pier. Open 24 hours a day throughout the year, the laundry, lockers, and showers are coin operated.

Because all trash on Santa Catalina (excluding Avalon) is shipped to the mainland, the trash pick-up vessel (the Salad Bowl) serves all leeside coves during the summer, although the Two Harbors Harbor Patrol would prefer that visitors take their trash with them when they leave. Metals and glass must be separated in separate bags from all other trash. On the east side of Two Harbors, visitors will find recycling cans and dumpsters behind the restrooms.

Visitors will find limited services at Two Harbors, but they are available. Available services include mechanics, parts and supplies, and a general store. Pump-out services are also available in Catalina Harbor.

In 2004, Scuba Diving Magazine called the area around Two Harbors the "world's healthiest marine environment." Two Harbors asks that visiting boaters participate in protecting local ocean waters. Recommended actions include avoiding dumping raw sewage around the island, using public onshore toilets, disposing of holding tank waste at the Catalina Harbor pump-out facilities, and keeping bilges well-maintained and clean. Inspecting and maintaining fuel lines and hoses, fueling carefully without topping off, and keeping Y-valves securely in the closed position are also suggested. Finally, boaters are admonished not to throw trash overboard or to allow items to blow overboard accidentally.

The Two Harbors General Store is open year-round for both residents and visitors. Offering a variety of groceries, alcohol (for drinking), ice, and marine hardware, the General Store at Two Harbors also has a gift section with souvenirs, clothing, and gifts.

The Two Harbors Parts & Supply Warehouse is located next to the General Store and the Boat Shop. Open every day in the summer and every day but Sunday in the winter, the warehouse provides propane tanks fills, v-belts, hoses, filters, 12v starters, deep-cycle marine batteries, fuel and bilge pumps, and stainless fasteners in its regular inventory. They can also special-order items for next-day delivery.

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