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The Oxnard Harbor District is the port authority for Port Hueneme. It is an independent special district that owns and operates the commercial Port Hueneme. Created by law in 1937, the Oxnard Harbor District is responsible for acquiring, constructing, operating, controlling, and developing all harbor works and facilities in Port Hueneme and other ports in the district. In 2007, Port Hueneme handled more than 1.2 million tons of cargo.

The entrance channel to Port Hueneme is over 700 meters long and, at its narrowest point, 100 meters wide. The US Navy Control One controls all traffic entering or leaving the port. The Port Hueneme harbor is 10.7 meters deep at low tide, and the average tidal range is about 1.6 meters. Port Hueneme's harbor is not affected by tidal streams or currents. All vessels over 300 GRT must use the port's pilotage services.

Port Hueneme's South Terminal consists of one 548.6-meter deep-draft wharf with three 182.9-meter berths and one 115.5-meter shallow-draft wharf adjacent to the entrance channel. The South Terminal contains a 6.6 thousand square meter reefer shed with ten truck docks, a 5.9 thousand square meter reefer shed (operated by HYKCool USA) with 14 truck docks, and a 7.7 thousand square meter reefer shed (operated by Del Monte Fresh Produce NA, Inc.) with 18 truck docks.

Port Hueneme's North Terminal includes a 442-meter concrete piling wharf with two 213.3-meter deep-draft berths for roll-on/roll-off cargos, auto terminal operations, and heavy-lift cargoes.

Small craft berths and a special mooring facility for oil spill responses are located at the east end of Port Hueneme's Channel A. the Oxnard Harbor District also owns four hectares of land and two hectares of industrial property within the City of Oxnard for port-related activities.

Port Hueneme contains the first Foreign Trade Zone in Ventura County that serves California's central coastal region. The Free Trade Zone contains three sites covering about 340 hectares that include the commercial port, vehicle preparation center at South Oxnard, and freezer4 facilities at North Oxnard. In 2002, the Free Trade Zone handled more than $1 billion in cargo. Port Hueneme is a member of the World Trade Center Association.

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