Port of Benicia
Port Commerce

AMPORTS, a leader in the automotive processing industry, owns and operates the Port of Benicia as one of its ten seaports in the United States and Mexico. AMPORTS is one of North America's biggest auto processors, and it processes more than a million vehicles each year. Each of its terminals is located near rail and trucking centers.

The AMPORTS Port of Benicia Terminal is just 27 kilometers from the Golden Gate Bridge. Located within the Benicia Industrial Park, the AMPORTS facility covers 261 hectares and contains 140 about 13 thousand square meters of vehicle processing buildings.

The Port of Benicia's deep-water pier is 2401 meters long and can berth three vessels at the same time. The Union Pacific Railroad provides on-terminal rail tracks and can handle 170 multi-level rail cars at the same time. The AMPORTS facility in the Port of Benicia is paved, lighted, fenced, and protected by closed-circuit TV cameras and a 24-hour guard service.

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