Morro Bay Harbor
Port Commerce

The Morro Bay Harbor Department is responsible for providing assistance to boaters, responding to emergencies, enforcing local codes, and maintaining waters and waterfront facilities in Morro Bay Harbor. The Morro Bay Harbor Department also conducts community water safety programs, public outreach, and public relations activities for visitors to the city's beaches and waterfront. Revenues come primarily from tenant rents, boat fees, and waterfront tideland leases. These revenues are then reinvested to maintain the port facilities, make capital improvements, and to provide for public safety and education.

Morro Bay Harbor operates the North and South T-Piers, a floating dock, and anchorage area for temporary vessels. The City also provides about 50 slips and 70 moorings for local vessels. The City Launch Ramp at Tidelands Park is available without charge to the public.

Only small craft can pass through the Morro Bay Harbor channel. Sedimentation of the harbor is continuous, and dredging is necessary every three to four years. Visiting boaters should get local advice before using the channel. The US Coast Guard ranks Morro Bay Harbor as one of the most dangerous waters in the United States, as over twenty people lost their lives there between 1979 and 1987. In addition, fishermen and sightseers have been swept off the Morro Bay Harbor rocks into the Bay, caught by the big incoming waves. For this reason, the public can no longer access the breakwater.

Slips and moorings are available in Morro Bay Harbor at the Morro Bay Marina, State Park Marina, The Boatyard, Morro Bay Boatyard, Bay Front Marina, Gray's Inn, and Pirate's Cove. Haul-out and repair services are available through Morro Bay Boatyard and Port San Luis Boatyard. Repairs are available in Morro Bay Harbor through Daily Machine and Marine in Morro Bay Harbor. Dry storage services are available through Port Side Marine and Frank Smith Properties.

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