Humboldt Bay Harbor
Port Commerce

Located strategically between San Francisco to the south and Coos Bay to the north, the Port of Humboldt Bay is well-positioned to move into the future. Originally used for the movement of timber products and commercial fishing, the Port of Humboldt Bay has recently completed a harbor-deepening project that will help link Northern California with the world.

The Humboldt Bay Harbor District operates several terminals in the Port of Humboldt Bay. The Fields Landing Terminal has one berth at 26 feet deep and 8600 square feet of metal storage as well as a 1200-square foot wooden building. The Redwood Marine Terminal offers one berth with three approach ramps and 36,000 square feet of storage space. Schneider Dock offers one berth with 35 feet depth and 11 acres of upland storage space and 40,000 square feet of warehouse space.

Sierra Pacific Industries operates the Eureka Dock with a 15-acre multi-purpose facility. It has one berth with 35 feet depth alongside and three approach ramps. It offers capacity to store 20 million FBM logs and has warehouse space for 1 million FBM logs. The Simpson Chip Export dock has one berth with 38 feet depth alongside. The Humboldt Bay Forest Products Docks offer one berth with two approach ramps and a depth of over 34 feet alongside. It has storage space for 35 million FBM logs.

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