Crescent City Harbor
Port Commerce

The Crescent City Harbor District is governed by a Board of five members serving four-year terms who are elected by the Del Norte County voters.

Crescent City Harbor offers limited transient vessel moorage. Fuel is available during daytime hours on Citizens Dock. Public restrooms are unlocked during the day. Tenant restrooms, showers, and laundry are also available, accessible by keycard.

Dinghies are allowed to tie temporarily at the Crescent City Harbor work dock on at the check-in dock. To stay in Crescent City Harbor for longer than a few days, slip rentals are available on monthly, six-month, and annual bases.

In 2000, some commercial vessels delivered fish landings to Crescent City Harbor for processing at Caito Fisheries. Landings included coastal pelagic, crab, groundfish, salmon, shrimp, migratory species, and other species. Among these vessels were 108 vessels owned by Crescent City Harbor residents.

Also in 2000, Crescent City Harbor received almost 50 thousand commercial passenger fishing vessel landings made by over 11 thousand anglers. Sports fishers landed rockfish, Chinook salmon, lingcod, Pacific mackerel, cabezon, albacore, and California steelhead, among others.

Crescent City Harbor has been hurt by the declining fisheries harvests. The Federal government has bought out trawlers in response to the declines. In the last few years, Crescent City Harbor's fleet of working trawlers has shrunk from 16 to two. Many of its slips go unoccupied due to the decline in Klamath River salmon and restrictions on fishing of that species.

Commercial salmon troll boats have almost disappeared from Crescent City Harbor. State budgets for special harbor districts have also decreased dramatically, meaning less dredging in Crescent City Harbor. According to one board member, the future of Crescent City Harbor will depend on its ability to attract new business and to dredge the harbor.

Facing the fisheries crisis head on, Crescent City Harbor has a new master plan to expand tourism and recreation. New surf shops and beach gift shops are springing up. Since 1995, the Noll Longboard Classic surfing contest has welcomed all surfers from amateur to world-class professionals. Sea-oriented outfitters have appeared in Crescent City Harbor to serve the many vacationers who arrive each year.

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