Avalon Harbor
Port Commerce

The City of Avalon's Harbor Department is responsible for managing and operating Avalon Harbor. The Avalon Harbor Department assigns moorings, provides security, maintains a fleet of boats, operates waterfront floats and structures, administers business permits at the waterside, and schedules dock times for commercial passenger vessels in Avalon Harbor.

All moorings in Avalon Harbor are assigned on a first-come first-served basis. Incoming vessels must stand by the harbor entrance until they get a mooring assignment from a patrol boat. Moorings are not guaranteed, and vessels may have to relocate daily.

No sewage, treated or untreated, may be discharged in Avalon Harbor. Service boats make daily pick-ups for trash during the summer and on weekends in the winter. Unattended vessels may not be left in Avalon Harbor. Water conservation is highly-valued in Avalon Harbor, and all visitors are asked to support this.

Avalon Harbor offers un-patrolled anchorage west of the red jetty light at depths from 24.4 to 30.5 meters. Vessels must anchor at least 91.4 meters from dive parks and mooring cans.

Avalon Harbor contains dinghy docks throughout the harbor for dinghies under 4.3 meters. Several marine mechanics are available in Avalon Harbor and can be contacted on VHF channel 16. A marine fuel dock offers gas and diesel during limited hours during the summer and by pager in the winter. The fuel dock also collects used oil.

The Shoreboat Float includes a fuel dock, grocery and liquor stores, and ice. Water can be found at the fuel dock and at the Pump-A-Head float on the Avalon Harbor's west side near the Casino. Token-operated showers with towel rental are available on Casino Way, and restrooms are available at Casino, the Mole Terminal, Casino Way, and Pleasure Pier. A laundromat is available adjacent to the Casino showers and two other locations. On weekdays, Propane is available at the Edison plant at Pebbly Beach.

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