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The City of Valdez Ports Department is the port authority for the Port of Valdez. The City of Valdez owns and operates the Port of Valdez' container terminal, grain terminal, city dock, and the airport terminal building.

As the northern most ice-free port in the United States, the Port of Valdez is the best access point to the interior of Alaska and to much of the US Pacific Northwest, northwestern Canada, and the trade routes of the Pacific Rim.

It is also the southern terminus of the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline. Every day, super-tankers pass through the Prince William Sound carrying over 5.6 thousand cubic meters of crude oil.

The Port of Valdez Container Terminal contains a 213.36 meter long floating concrete dock with an eight-hectare marshalling yard. The floating dock extends to 365.8 meters with two dolphins, and water depth is 15.24 meters at mean low tide. The dock is equipped with phone, lights, water, and garbage disposal services. North Star Terminal and Stevedore Company LLC provides stevedoring services. Two 200-foot ramps connect the dock with the marshalling yard, and the multi-purpose berth can handle containers, roll-on/roll-off, and lift-on/lift-off cargoes. The terminal has storage capacity for 560 40-foot vans, and it includes 360 reefer outlets.

The Port of Valdez also has a 182.9-meter long wharf and a grain terminal. Located near the container terminal, the grain terminal contains nine concrete silos with capacity for over 840 cubic meters of cargo. Each silo is 34.1 meters tall and 10 meters in diameter.

Access to the Port of Valdez is provided through the Richardson Highway and the State of Alaska Marine Highway System Ferry Service.

The Foreign Trade Zone is the first in Alaska that is considered outside the USA for customs purposes, reducing processing time and overhead costs for exporters and importers.

The Port of Valdez city dock, called the John Thomas Kelsey Municipal Dock, is 182.9 meters long with alongside depth of 10.7 meters. It is equipped with phone, lights, water, and garbage services. Private services offer fueling and wastewater disposal.

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