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For many years, the Port of Skagway has been working to increase industrial use of its facilities. Partners in these efforts are the Port of Skagway, the White Pass and Yukon Route, the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority, and the Yukon Government. Capstone Mining uses the Port of Skagway's ore terminal for shipping copper concentrates overseas.

The Port of Skagway is a critically valuable asset for the community. The municipality is engaged in the "Gateway Project," building a new Gateway Intermodal dock and a barge ramp and modernizing the ore terminal and infrastructure. The project goal is to open the Port of Skagway for international business from cruise lines, container ships, and mining and energy operations.

The new Port of Skagway dock will accommodate the largest cruise ships that visit Alaska. The Gateway Project will make the ore terminal more efficient and cost-effective while also exceeding the toughest environmental standards. The facilities will also be upgraded to handle modern container traffic. The Port of Skagway will be a truly modern intermodal port.

The Port of Skagway Small Boat Harbor is a full-service marina that provides moorage for commercial and recreational vessels up to 45.7 meters (150 feet) long. The harbor offers alongside depth of 3 meters (10 feet). Amenities in the harbor include seasonal restrooms, showers, and potable water. The Port of Skagway harbor also has a pump-out facility and garbage receptacles. Every dock is equipped with 20-amp power. With space for about 180 vessels, and there is a waiting list for annual moorage in the Port of Skagway Small Boat Harbor.

The State of Alaska owns, and the City of Skagway and Petro Marine Services operates, the Port of Skagway Boat Harbor Floats. Float D is 71.6-by-6 meters (235-by-6 feet) with 7-7.3 meter (23-24 foot) stalls. Float E is 103-by-2.4 meters (338-by-8 feet) with 7.3-meter (24-foot) stalls. At the end of Float A, Float 1 is 57.9-by-3.7 meters (190-by-12 feet). At the end of Float E, Float 2 is 76.2-by-3.7 meters (250-by-12 feet).

Petro Marine Services operates a fuel float adjacent to the Port of Skagway's Float A with two pipelines connecting the float to two storage tanks with total capacity for 475 barrels. The Port of Skagway Boat Harbor Floats include a 7.3-by-4.6 meter (24-by-15 foot) public seaplane float. In the south harbor is a 24.4-by-5.5 meter (80-by-18 foot) timber grid. Alaska Fjordlines and Chilkat Cruises and Tours berth excursion vessels at Floats 1 and 2.

The White Pass & Yukon Route and Alaska Marine Lines co-own, and Alaska Marine Lines operates, the Skagway Transfer Bridge. This Port of Skagway facility handles conventional, containerized, and roll-on/roll-off general cargo. A 2-1/2 acre open unpaved storage area is located at the rear of the bridge, and it includes 18 outlets refrigerated containers. The Skagway Transfer Bridge offers berthing distance of 125.3 meters (411 feet) with alongside depth of 12.2 meters (40 feet) MLLW.

The Skagway Terminal Company, doing business as White Pass & Yukon Route, owns and operates the Broadway Dock in the Port of Skagway for mooring cruise vessels. The Broadway Dock has berthing space of 243.8 meters (800 feet) with alongside depth of 10.7 meters (35 feet).

The Port of Skagway's Ore Wharf is jointly owned by the Skagway Terminal Company and Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority. These two entities also operate the Ore Wharf with Petro Marine Services. The Ore Wharf is used for mooring cruise vessels and to ship and receive petroleum products. One surface track of the White Pass & Yukon Route connects the transit shed, which was used in the past for storing ores, with other surface tracks.

The transit shed at the Port of Skagway's Ore Wharf has capacity for 100 thousand tons, and there is an open storage area of about five acres at the rear of the Wharf. Petro Marine Services has seven pipelines connecting the Ore Wharf to 14 steel storage tanks with capacity for a total of 115 thousand barrels. The Ore Wharf offers berthing distance of 304.8 meters (1,000 feet) with alongside depth of 13.7 meters (45 feet) MLLW.

The Port of Skagway Rail Wharf is used for mooring cruise vessels and for the occasional handling of containers and conventional general cargo. Owned and operated by the White Pass & Yukon Route, the Skagway Rail Wharf has berthing distance of 563.9 meters (1850 feet) with alongside depth of 11 meters (36 feet).

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