Port of Seldovia
Port Commerce

Free of ice, the Port of Seldovia Boat Harbor is open throughout the year. It offers twenty 7.6-meter (25-foot) slips, one hundred 9.8-meter (32-foot) slips, and eighteen 12.8-meter (42-foot) slips. The Port of Seldovia also has many transient moorage areas and a seaplane ramp.

The Port of Seldovia also has a fish-cleaning float with freshwater cleaning stations that are free to slip owners and paying overnight visitors. The Port of Seldovia's repair grid is available to slip owners for a small fee.

The State of Alaska owns and operates the City of Seldovia Pier on the east side of Seldovia Bay. While it has no railway connections, the Port of Seldovia Pier is used for handling conventional general cargo, for landing passengers and vehicles, for receiving petroleum products, and for fueling vessels. From the Port of Seldovia Pier, a ferry takes passengers and vehicles to the Port of Homer. There are also four pipelines connecting the wharf to four steel storage tanks with capacity for 7,650 barrels at the southeast side of the pier. The Seldovia Pier offers 64 meters (210 feet) of berthing space with alongside depth of 7.6 meters (25 feet).

The State of Alaska owns, and the City of Seldovia operates the Port of Seldovia Small Boat Harbor, Floats A through E. The wharf is used for mooring of recreational and commercial vessels and for landing of seaplanes. The Small Boat Harbor in the Port of Seldovia has berthing space for about 149 vessels. With a harbor entrance of 30.5 meters (100 feet), there is a timber tidal grid on either side of the approach. There is also a 11.3- by 7.6-meter (37- by 25-foot) seaplane float at the end of Float E. The Small Boat Harbor has alongside depth of 3.7 meters (12 feet).

Although it is not currently in operation, the City of Seldovia owns the Seafood Dock that has a seafood-processing plant at the rear of the wharf. Portions of the wharf are in poor condition, but the Port of Seldovia's Seafood Dock has berthing space of 26.5 meters (87 feet) with alongside depth of 4.3 meters (14 feet).

The Port of Seldovia operates the Seldovia Bay Ferry that serves the Alaska communities of Seldovia and Kachemak Bay. The vessel, the Kachemak Voyager is a 25.2- by 8.9-meter (82.5- by 29.2-foot) catamaran built for the Seldovia Village Tribe by All American Marine in Bellingham, Washington. The Kachemak Voyager can handle 150 passengers and is equipped with a hydraulic crane so that it can carry light freight totes. The ferry operates from the Port of Seldovia Bay Ferry Dock located between the Small Boat Harbor and the City Dock and adjacent to the Seldovia Village Tribe's Conference Center. The ferry also operates the Homer Terminal in the Homer Small Boat Harbor.

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