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The Port of Petersburg has one of the world's top fishing fleets. All three of the city's modern harbors are located within walking distance of downtown. The natural harbor shelters vessels from high winds.

The Port of Petersburg offers 650 berths, and it can accommodate vessels of up to 42.7 meters (140 feet). In addition to offering competitive harbor rates, the Port of Petersburg has phones, electricity, fresh water, showers, and public restrooms at the harbor as well as nearby restaurants, laundromat, and grocery stores near the docks. Local shipwrights and fuel stations also support boaters. The Port of Petersburg's Municipal Harbor Moorage has 499 berths and 105 transient spaces, although there is a waiting list of 300.

Every harbor gangway has garbage dumpsters and waste oil disposal tanks for Port of Petersburg harbor patrons, and electricity is available at every stall. Parking is available all day every day for harbor users. A year-round work float is available for fishermen while they work on their boats or on gear.

The Port of Petersburg offers a timber grid in the North Harbor for vessels up to 12.8 meters (42 feet) long with electricity, potable water, and garbage services. In the South Harbor, the Port of Petersburg offers a steel tidal grid for vessels up to 30.5 meters (100 feet) and 200 tons. The steel grid also offers electricity, potable water, and garbage services. The grids are available for a 48-hour period on a first-come first-served basis.

The Port of Petersburg has two big cranes at the Crane Dock. The larger can lift up to five tons, and the smaller can lift up to 2-1/2 tons. Users must contact the Harbor Office to get the cranes turned on and off. The walking ramp in each harbor has loading zones identified by yellow paint on the bull-rail. Vessels up to 7.3 meters (24 feet) long can tie up at the loading zones for up to four hours.

The Port of Petersburg has two launch ramps. A seasonal ramp, also used for loading and unloading commercial gear, is located in the North Harbor. The year-round concrete launch ramp is located in the South Harbor, and it also has an adjacent float for vessels to tie up for up to six hours (on the south side). Commercial gear is prohibited at this ramp. A skiff float in the North Harbor supports vessels under 6.1 meters (20 feet) in length. Fish-cleaning tables are also available in each of the three harbors for sport-caught fish.

As a busy fishing center, the Port of Petersburg is home to more than 300 fishing boats. The Port of Petersburg has two cold-storage plants, two oil terminals, a sawmill, and four canneries. In addition to fish and fish products, the Port of Petersburg handles lumber products and logs, petroleum and petroleum products, machinery, general cargo, and provisions.

The North Harbor Floats in the Port of Petersburg provide mooring for commercial and recreational vessels. With capacity to berth about 148 vessels, the North Harbor Floats have alongside depth from 3.7 to 6.1 meters (12 to 20 feet).

The Port of Petersburg's Middle Harbor Floats provide mooring for both recreational and commercial vessels. Owned by the State of Alaska, the floats are operated by the City of Petersburg. Alongside depths range from 4.0 to 4.9 meters (13 to 16 feet). The Small Boat Harbor has berthing space for about 124 vessels.

The Port of Petersburg's South Harbor Floats are owned by the State of Alaska and operated by the City of Petersburg. With capacity for about 220 commercial or recreational vessels, the South Harbor Floats has alongside depths ranging from 4.6 to 5.5 meters (15 to 18 feet). When the seaplane float is moved, Port of Petersburg plans are to expand the Small Boat Harbor.

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