Port of Pelican
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The City of Pelican operates Pelican Harbor. The Port of Pelican offers 98 berths, including both permanent berthing and transient moorage. The Port of Pelican supports a mix of tourism and commercial fishing. Many of the lodges offering visitors a place to stay are family-owned remodels of buildings from the earliest days of the Port of Pelican. The City also operates a 21-foot search-and-rescue vessel.

Permanent moorage is available at $10/foot/year, but seasonal rates are also available. Visitors will find electricity, fresh water, and pay phones near the dock. Showers are located at the Laundromat, and there is a small grocery stores open Monday through Friday. There is a dockside hoist at the old Pelican Seafoods wharf, and the City operates four tidal grids that can accommodate boats to 50 feet.

The Port of Pelican's Small Boat Harbor Floats provide mooring for commercial and recreational vessels and landing for seaplanes. Located north of the Ferry Dock, the floats are owned by the State of Alaska and operated by the city of Pelican. Float A is 77.4-by-three meters (265-by-10 feet) and has 9.1-meter (30-foot) stalls. Float B is 76.2-by-three meters (250-by-10 feet) with 12.2-meter (40-foot) stalls. Connecting floats have 5.2-meter (17-foot) stalls. At the north side of the harbor are two 23.8-by-4.9-meter grids, and at the southeast side of the harbor is a 24.4-by-5.5 meter (80-by-18-foot) grid. The Port of Pelican's small boat harbor has space to berth about 98 vessels with alongside depth of 1.8 meters (6 feet).

The State of Alaska owns and operates the Port of Pelican Ferry Terminal Dock. The Dock is used to land passengers and vehicles and to occasionally provide mooring for barges. The ferry slip is about 20 meters (67 feet) wide and offers 56.4 meters (185 feet) of berthing space with alongside depth of 6.1 meters (20 feet).

Although the company has closed, Pelican Seafoods had several wharves in the Port of Pelican. The Crab Wharf, which has a crab-processing plant in the rear, has berthing space of 29 meters (95 feet) with alongside depth of 4.6 meters (15 feet). The Seafood Wharf, which has an ice plant with capacity to produce 75 tons a day and store 120 tons, offers berthing space of 42.7 meters (140 feet) and alongside depth of 5.5 meters (18 feet). The Pelican Seafoods Service Pier has alongside depth of three meters (10 feet).

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