Port of Nome
Port Commerce

The Port of Nome lies on the shores of Norton Sound in the southern Seward Peninsula in west central Alaska.

The City Dock (south) is located on the Port of Nome's Causeway, and it handles bulk cargo and fuel deliveries for the community. About 61 meters long, the dock has alongside depth of 6.9 meters. The WestGold Dock (north) is 57.9 meters long with alongside depth of 6.9 meters, and it handles the region's rock and gravel exports. It is also the site for loading and unloading heavy equipment.

The opening between the breakwater and the Causeway is about 152 meters wide and is the access to the deep-water Causeway docks and the Snake River entrance to the Small Boat Harbor. The navigation channel from the outer harbor entrance to the inner harbor is marked by buoys.

The Small Boat Harbor in the Port of Nome is three meters deep and has protected mooring at two floating docks for fishing vessels and recreational boats. Smaller cargo vessels and landing craft take on village freight at the south, west, and east inner harbor sheet pile docks, at the east beach landing, and at the west barge ramp.

In 2005, a new 18.3-meter wide concrete barge ramp was added to Port of Nome facilities inside the inner harbor. The ramp gives bulk cargo carriers a closer location to the Causeway for trans-loading freight to barges and landing craft. The property also has about two acres of land intended for storage of containers, vessels, and equipment.

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