Port of Nikiski
Port Commerce

Docks in Port Nikiski are privately-owned and operated primarily for commercial purposes. APC Natchiq owns and operates the Nikiski Rig Tenders Dock for handling equipment and supplies for offshore oil wells. Steel work barges berth at three dolphins south of the dock. The Port Nikiski Natchiq dock has 183 meters (600 feet) of berthing space.

The Kenai Pipe Line Company and Tesoro Alaska Company own and operate the Port Nikiski Terminal Wharf which receives crude oil and ships petroleum products. A 24-inch pipeline connects the wharf to five steel storage tanks at the terminal with a total capacity for 916 thousand barrels. A 20-inch pipeline connects the Terminal Wharf to two steel storage tanks at the company refinery with capacity for 600 thousand barrels.

Tesoro Alaska Company has two 14-inch pipelines connecting the Port Nikiski Terminal Wharf to 18 steel storage tanks with total capacity for two million barrels. Finally, the wharf is equipped with one 6-inch ballast pump-out and one 6-inch utility pump-out. The Port Nikiski Terminal Wharf has about 399 meters (1310 feet) of berthing space with alongside depth of 12.8 meters (42 feet).

Kenai LNG Corporation (which may close) owns, and Phillips Petroleum Company, operates the Kenai LNG Dock in Port Nikiski which handles shipments of liquefied natural gas, distillates, fuel oils, and lube oil and grease. This Port Nikiski dock is connected to three steel storage tanks by a 24-inch LNG pipeline. The Kenai LNG Dock has 320 meters (1050 feet) of berthing space with alongside depth of 12 meters (40 feet).

Agrium U.S. Inc. owns and operates the Port Nikiski Wharf which is used for shipments of dry bulk urea and anhydrous ammonia. The wharf is connected to two anhydrous ammonia storage tanks (with total capacity of 85 thousand tons) by a 12-inch connection to two 6-inch pipelines. Berthing distance at the Port Nikiski Wharf is about 346 meters (1135 feet) with alongside depth of 13.7 meters (45 feet).

Pacific Star Seafoods owns and operates the Kenai Wharf in Port Nikiski which is used for receiving seafood and fueling vessels. With a seafood processing plant at the rear, the wharf is connected by fueling pipeline with three steel storage tanks (total capacity of 350 barrels). The Port Nikiski Kenai Wharf has berthing distance of about 219 meters (720 feet).

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