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The City of Kodiak is the port authority for the Port of Kodiak, home of the biggest and most diverse fishing fleet in Alaska. The Port of Kodiak boasts three commercial piers and over 650 boat slips that can accommodate vessels up to 304.8 meters long.

The city operates public dock facilities in the Port of Kodiak, and private docking facilities are also available. Thirteen full-time employees staff the Port of Kodiak harbor, which provides continuous security for 2884 commercial vessels, 882 pleasure craft and multi-purpose vessels, and 286 auxiliary skiffs.

The Port of Kodiak is also a hub for Gulf of Alaska container traffic and a distribution center for consumer goods going to communities throughout southwest Alaska. It is, of course, a major export point for fish cargoes destined for markets around the world.

The Port of Kodiak's municipal marine facilities include Pier I, the Ferry Dock, which is 62.2 meters long. Used for mooring and cargo-handling, Pier I offers water and bulk fuel services.

Pier II, the City Dock, is 281.9 meters long with alongside depth of 11.6 meters (tidal range is about 3 meters). The City Dock in the Port of Kodiak is used for loading/unloading commercial freight and fishing gear. Services available at Pier II include a covered warehouse, bulk fuel, and water.

The Port of Kodiak's Pier III, the Container Terminal, is 149.4 meters long with alongside depth of 11.6 meters. Offering container services for general cargo, Pier III is equipped with a 30-ton gantry crane and water service.

The Port of Kodiak operates two small boat harbors with 650 stalls that can accommodate vessels to 45.7 meters. There are also two general purpose docks inside the boat harbor.

The LASH Marine Terminal, located in the Port of Kodiak's Womens Bay, serves freight carriers, forwarders, and consolidators in addition to the Port of Kodiak's fishing fleet and construction contractors. Operated by Seaport Terminal Services, the Port of Kodiak's LASH Marine Terminal offers almost 366 meters of dock space, warehouses, yard storage, and ample cargo-handling equipment. Seaport also maintains three mooring buoys in the Port of Kodiak's Womens Bay, each with a 15 thousand pound anchor that offers moorage capacity for large vessels and barges. The terminal also offers vessel haul-out and storage services for vessels up to 15.2 meters long.

LASH Corporation, owner of Seaport Terminal Services, is developing an industrial park adjacent to the terminal in the Port of Kodiak. Offering property for sale or long-term lease, they are willing to build to suit for businesses wishing to locate in this Port of Kodiak industrial park.

The Port of Kodiak is home to Fuller's Boat Yard with a Marine Travel Launch Slip that can handle vessels of up to 150 tons. The Boat Yard provides ship repair services and offers outdoor dry storage and washing service for 75 boats.

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