Port of Klawock
Port Commerce

The State of Alaska owns the Harbor Floats, but the City of Klawock operates them. The Harbor Floats are used for mooring of commercial and recreational vessels and for seaplane landings. Seaplanes land at a 11- by 14-meter (36- by 48-foot) timber float at the north end of Float 1. The small boat harbor can accommodate about 45 vessels. The Harbor Floats offer berthing of 241 meters (792 feet) with alongside depth of 2.1 meters (7 feet) MLLW.

The City of Klawock owns the Delta Fuels Dock which is operated by Klawock Heenya Corporation and Klawock Delta Fuels. This Port of Klawock wharf is used to fuel small vessels. One one-inch hose connects the wharf to a 35-barrel steel storage tank. The Port of Klawock's Delta Fuels Dock has berthing capacity of 20.7 meters (68 feet) with alongside depth of 3.6 meters (12 feet) MLLW.

The Klawock Cooperative Association owns and operates the Port of Klawock's Seafood Wharf, which supports fishing vessels. The wharf receives seafood and supplies and ices fishing vessels. It is located in front of the seafood processing plant on the east side of Klawock Island. The Seafood Wharf offers almost 40 meters (130 feet) of berthing space with alongside depth of 5.5 meters (18 feet) MLLW.

The Kidco Corporation and the Viking Lumber Company use the Port of Klawock Wharf for occasional shipments of forest products, including lumber, logs, and woodchips.

Ferry service is available to the Port of Klawock through the Inter-Island Ferry Authority. The ferry links nearby Hollis with Ketchikan and links Coffman Cove with Wrangell and Petersburg. Both of these ferry landing points are accessible to the Port of Klawock through the road system on Prince of Wales Island.

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