Port of Hydaburg
Port Commerce

The Port of Hydaburg Harbormaster is responsible for managing and operating port facilities. The Port of Hydaburg is a natural coastal harbor. Pilotage services are available at the Port of Hydaburg, and visiting vessels can find provisions, potable water, engine and deck supplies, and diesel and fuel oil at the Port of Hydaburg.

The Port of Hydaburg contains small boat harbor floats that are owned by the State of Alaska and operated by the City of Hydaburg. The small boat harbor floats offer mooring for commercial and recreational vessels. A 103-meter (337-foot) timber breakwater float parallels the floats. The small boat harbor can handle about 160 vessels with alongside depth of 4.6 meters (15 feet).

The City of Hydaburg Pier supports mooring vessels and seaplane landings in the Port of Hydaburg. It has more berthing space at the rear of the face and on either side of the approach. Transit sheds are available on either side of the approach, and there is an ice plant on the wharf. The City Pier offers berthing distance of 46 meters (150 feet) with alongside depth of 4.3 meters (14 feet).

The State of Alaska operates a seaplane base in the Port of Hydaburg as well as an emergency heliport. Scheduled flights connect the Port of Hydaburg with Ketchikan. The Port of Hydaburg is connected by road through the Ports of Craig, Klawock, and Hollis to the State Ferry docks. Barges from Seattle carry goods each week to the Port of Hydaburg, and cargo is also trucked into the Port of Hydaburg.

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