Port of Hoonah
Port Commerce

Although it is a small town, the Port of Hoonah has a reputation as an outstanding harbor in this area. The George Hall Harbor Facility in the Port of Hoonah's inner harbor offers about 230 berths for moorage varying in length from 7.3 meters (24 feet) to 14.6 meters (48 feet). The transient dock and the new visitor dock have capacity for larger vessels.

The Port of Hoonah City Dock in the outer harbor has a large drive-down ramp for loading/unloading vessels. The Harbormaster can provide information on applicable moorage fees.

Haul-out facilities in the Port of Hoonah include the tidal grid, a boat launch ramp, a dockside hoist, and a 35-ton hydraulic trailer. The City Warehouse, with deep-draft moorage and a large hoist, provides storage for freight and crap pots.

Amenities available at the Port of Hoonah include potable water, showers, laundry, dumpsters for garbage, oil disposal facilities, fish-cleaning tables, rentals of pressure washers, and life jackets (on loan). The Hoonah Trading Company on the Ace Hardware Dock offers fuel for visiting vessels.

Other services are available at the Port of Hoonah. These include boat and hydraulic repair, boat divers, hardware, fishing gear, groceries, and basic clothing. In addition, there are facilities for dry storage and boat storage.

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