Port of Homer
Port Commerce

The Homer Port and Harbor Department is responsible for providing safe harbor and port facilities for the Port of Homer's commercial and recreational users and the general public. The Port of Homer maintains and manages port facilities and administers tariff and other port procedures.

The Port of Homer harbor contains 893 reserved stalls. Pioneer Dock contains over 1.8 kilometers of transient mooring with alongside depth of 12.2 meters. This Port of Homer dock includes a five-lane boat launch ramp and two fuel floats. The commercial fish dock has a 105.2 meter face at 12.2 meters depth and is equipped with a 5-ton crane.

The Fish Dock in the Port of Homer has a 116.7 meter face and 15.2-meter berths with alongside depth of 6.1 meters. The dock can accommodate boats to 18 meters in length and offers storage for 200 tons of ice. The dock also offers cold storage and short-term bait storage.

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