Port of Dutch Harbor
Port Commerce

The Department of Ports and Harbors is responsible for managing, operating, and maintaining the Port of Dutch Harbor's five city-owned port facilities. The Department also conducts marine search and rescue services. The Department employs six full-time harbor officers and two office staff in addition to the director and the harbormaster.

The Port of Dutch Harbor strives to promote the growth and well-being of the Unalaska community by planning, developing, and managing marine-related municipal properties. Operating on a self-supporting basis, the Port of Dutch Harbor provides moorage and marine services that support marine-related commerce, fisheries, safety, recreation, tourism, and environmental protection of the Port of Dutch Harbor.

The city-owned and operated marine facilities in the Port of Dutch Harbor include the United States Coast Guard Dock, the Unalaska Marine Center, the Spit Dock, the Light Cargo Dock, and the Robert Storrs International Small Boat Harbor.

The Unalaska Marine Center (UMC) and the Coast Guard Dock contain about 625 meters of dock face with alongside depth of 12.2 meters. The Port of Dutch Harbor's UMC provides passenger, cargo (including containers), warehouse space, and other port services. Horizon Lines operates a crane and rail system for containerized cargoes through the UMC, and fueling facilities are operated by North Pacific Fuel.

The Spit Dock in the Port of Dutch Harbor contains about 731 meters of dock and offers several berths for short- and long-term moorage. The berths can accommodate vessels to 61 meters long, and they offer shore power, fresh water, and refuse removal services.

The Port of Dutch Harbor's Robert Stoors International Small Boat Harbor contains about 375 meters of floats with 71 slips for long-term and transient moorage.

Built in 2000, the Light Cargo Dock in the Port of Dutch Harbor is made up of two sheet pile docks, each with a 15.2-meter dock face and breasting dolphins. The dock has a total of about 103 meters of berthing space, and it offers alongside depth of up to 7.6 meters for the north dock and shallows. It offers 6.1 meters depth at the south dolphin on the south dock.

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