Port of Dillingham
Port Commerce

The port director for the Port of Dillingham reports to the city manager. The director controls and supervises the docks, small boat harbor, and boat ramps. The small boat harbor is that area between the breakwaters and all harbor facilities including the Wood River Launch site.

The Port of Dillingham also includes the city beach and alternate barge and scow staging area, the city bulkhead adjacent to the harbor master's office, and the city dock.

The Port of Dillingham consists of a natural coastal harbor that is accessible according to the tides. Pilotage is available given sufficient advance notice to the harbor master. Vessels can get provisions, potable water, and diesel oil at the Port of Dillingham.

The Alaska Logistics Company transports all types of goods, including equipment, from Seattle to Western Alaska. The Port of Dillingham is an important stop for the company's mainline barge, where the port provides stevedoring operations on the dock.

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