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The Association of Ukrainian Ports (Ukrport) was created in 2001 as an independent non-profit public organization responsible for Ukraine's ports and other water transport activities. Ukrport represents and protects the interests of its members in both state and international organizations and coordinates the activities of its members.

Until 1992, the Port of Sevastopol was dominated by military activities and by passenger transportation. In 1996, the Ukrainian government ordered that the Port of Sevastopol be opened for international traffic. Today's Port of Sevastopol has modern equipment and cargo-handling facilities for its primary cargoes of bulk, rolled metal, timber, boxes, and packages. It also serves cruise ships. The Port of Sevastopol has capacity to handle 600 thousand tons of cargo per year.

The commercial Port of Sevastopol has two passenger berths (199.5 and 135 meters long) in the city center. Its main cargo area is in Maliy Inkermnan at the mouth of the River Chernaya.

The cargo area covers a total of 4.8 hectares, and it contains 23 berths with maximum depth of 9.75 meters. The Port of Sevastopol contains 3.6 thousand square meters of open space and a 500 square meter warehouse. The cargo area has easy access to the rail and highway networks. The Port of Sevastopol's technical supply department also operates 554 square meters of warehouses, 3.3 thousand square meters of open storage, and a 580 square meter shed.

The Port of Sevastopol receives about a million tourists each year. The marine passenger terminal is located in the city center and has two moorings of 135 and 200 meters in length and with a maximum permissible draft of 4 and 8 meters, respectively.

The Port of Sevastopol seeks investors to help develop the logistics center being constructed at Kamyshovaya. The location is near the city's wholesale markets and warehouse areas in an area that is protected from harsh weather. It is conveniently located near access roads and parking facilities for cargo-handling vehicles.

The busy Port of Sevastopol Fishing Port is located in Kamyshovaya Bay on the southwestern Crimean Peninsula. It specializes in handling fish products and metals.

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