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Operating the Port of Nikolaev (Ukranian), Mykolayiv Sea Trade Port (a state enterprise) is the leading maritime transportation company in Ukraine. It provides complete services supporting the transport of cargo for import, export, transshipment, and cabotage.

In 2003, the Port of Nikolaev added a mechanized station for loading/unloading two grain cars at one time at Warehouse No. 7. The station is part of a mechanized system for loading grain, providing intermediate storage, and transshipping grain cargoes. The facility has capacity for a minimum of 250 tons per hour. This facility brought the total warehouse capacity for grain consignments to about 50 thousand tons.

The Port of Nikolaev is connected to the Black Sea by the 71-kilometer long, 100 meter wide Bug-Dnieper-Limansky Channel. The approach channel to the Port of Nikolaev is 1.5 kilometers long, 100 meters wide, and 11.2 meters deep. The channel can accommodate vessels up to 215 meters long with a draft of 10.3 meters.

The Port of Nikolaev covers 224.5 hectares and contains over 2.4 kilometers of berths with maximum permissible draft of 10.5 meters. (Unless otherwise noted, all berths in the Port of Nikolaev have maximum permissive draft of 10.5 meters.)

The Port of Nikolaev is served by 24.6 kilometers of railway lines. The Portpoint Ochakov is a supplementary port within the Port of Nikolaev, and it has three berths that specialize in handling bulk grain cargoes. Portpoint Ochakov can accommodate vessels up to 120 meters in length with a maximum draft of 3 meters.

The Port of Nikolaev has one general cargo berth of 182 meters in length; however two general cargo berths (each 150 meters long). Also under construction is an auxiliary berth for the Port of Nikolaev Service Fleet. This new berth will be 138 meters long with maximum permissive draft of 7.5 meters. Berth No. 8 is also under construction, and it will be 195 meters long.

The Port of Nikolaev has two bulk cargo berths (No. 12 and 13). Berth 12 is 187 meters long, and Berth 13 is 236 meters long. Berth No. 14 contains the mineral fertilizers handling facility. The berth is 238 meters long with maximum permissive draft of 9.15 meters.

The Packed-Piece Cargo Berth (No. 4) in the Port of Nikolaev is 140 meters long and handles fresh and frozen fish, citrus fruits, and grains. Berth No. 5 specializes in handling grain and is 264.8 meters long. At 158 meters long with maximum permissive draft of 9 meters, Berth No. 7 contains a grain silo.

Berth No. 6 handles containers and rolled ferrous metals. It is 250 meters long with maximum permissive draft of 9.75 meters. Berth No. 10, which is 208 meters long, handles rolled ferrous metals. Berth No. 9 also handles containers, and it also handles steel rolls and slabs. It is 209 meters long. Berth No. 11 is 209 meters long, and it specializes in handling cast iron and scrap.

In 2008, the Port of Nikolaev handled a total of over 9.2 million tons of cargo. General cargoes included metals, mobile equipment, timber, packages, borosilicate, and other goods. Tankers and bulk cargo carriers transport coal, iron, ores, pellets, ferro alloys, phosphor, chemicals, fertilizers, grains, petroleum, and other goods.

The Port of Nikolaev contains a complex that specializes in loading chemical fertilizers on vessels. The complex has annual capacity to handle up to 1.5 million tons of potassium chloride. The terminal can handle fertilizer carriers in any weather conditions and is equipped with conveyor lines and a station for railway cars. The terminal includes a warehouse with capacity for up to 22 thousand tons of fertilizer, and it is increasing capacity by adding new conveyor lines and a new warehouse with capacity for 30 thousand tons.

The Port of Nikolaev's Portpoint Ochakov contains three berths. The cargo mooring is 140 meters long with maximum permissive draft of 3.8 meters. The cargo mooring has capacity to handle up to 240 thousand tons of ferro-concrete and loose cargo per year. The passengers' mooring is 50 meters long with maximum permissive draft of 4 meters, and the ferry mooring is 50 meters long with maximum permissive draft of 4 meters (and the capacity to deepen this to 8 meters). The Port of Nikolaev is planning to add ferry transport to Istanbul at Portpoint Ochakov.

The Port of Nikolaev's Transport-Forwarding Complex (TFC) is an independent division of the port that provides transport and warehouse services and manages the basic industrial activities of the port, including receiving, storing, and distributing cargoes. The TFC handles central planning for and supervises cargo handling within the port. It is also responsible for reporting on the Port of Nikolaev's automated services. The TFC manages warehouse services and handles transport and forwarding services for cargo owners.

The Black Sea Shipyard is located in the Port of Nikolaev. It is the largest shipyard in the Black Sea region. During the Soviet era, the shipyard built Moskva-class helicopter ships, Kiev-class VSTOL aircraft carriers, naval vessels, commercial ships, and submarines. Today, the shipyard builds ships, machines, and engages in metallurgy. It has its own state-of-the-art design center and a highly-qualified engineering staff.

The Port of Nikolaev's shipyard was established in 1897 as a Belgian-owned enterprise, and it was building warships by the end of the century, including the famous battleship Potemkin. In 1940, the government shifted its focus from battleships and heavy cruisers to small- and medium-size warships, then submarines were added to the mix. By the 1950s, the shipyard had produced about 65 Whiskey-class submarines, Sverdlov-class light cruisers, and Stalingrad-class battlecruisers. From the 1960s to the 1980s, helicopter ships and aircraft carriers were built in the Port of Nikolaev's Black Sea Shipyard. Today, the Black Sea Shipyard in the Port of Nikolaev constructs commercial ships and naval auxiliaries. The commercial vessels are mainly large trawlers, dry cargo ships, and fish-factory ships.

The Black Sea Shipyard in the Port of Nikolaev covers over 200 hectares and contains two slipways. Slipway No. 0 is 330 meters long with maximum permissive draft of 40 meters. Slipway No. 1 is 400 meters long with maximum permissive draft of 18 meters. The floating dock, which can handle up to 7500 tons, is 120 meters long with maximum permissive draft of 41.5 meters. The shipyard also has three quays with a total length of 860 meters.

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