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The Port of Ilyichevsk operates many multi-purpose cargo-handling complexes. The Port of Ilyichevsk's Container Terminal is located at Berths 5 and 6, which are a total of 336 meters long with alongside depth of 13 meters. The Container Terminal has storage areas with capacity for more than 12.2 TEUs of cargo, including 400 reefer outlets for refrigerated containers. The terminal is equipped with a state-of-the-art computer control system that will significantly increase turnaround time for container vessels.

Plans to expand the Port of Ilyichevsk's Container terminal include adding new berths and warehouse capacity. Berths 3 and 4 will be reconstructed to accommodate the largest container vessels, a new warehouse for stuffing containers will be added, and heavy-lift cargo-handling equipment will be acquired to bring capacity to 850 thousand TEUs per year. Later, Berth 2 will also be reconstructed and Berth 1 will be refitted for containers to bring total container throughput to 1.5 million TEUs per year.

The Port of Ilyichevsk's container stuffing complex, behind Berth 4, specializes in large-capacity containers with cargoes that include rolled metal, slabs, equipment, motor vehicles, glass, and bulk cargoes. The Container Freight Station at the Port of Ilyichevsk, which has authority for customs container control, operates 24 hours a day, releasing about a thousand containers each day. The Container Freight Station contains two storehouses covering seven thousand square meters.

The Port of Ilyichevsk's Multi-modal Complex specializes in operations with railway ferry boats and roll-on/roll-off vessels. Berths 26 and 27 are each 210 meters long with alongside depth of 9.7 meters, and Berth 28 is 270 meters long with alongside depth of 9.6 meters.

The Multi-modal Complex has capacity for 4.5 million tons of cargo per year for operations with wagons, 260 thousand tons of cargo per year for operations with containers and motor vehicles, and 70 thousand tons per year for general cargoes and citrus plants. The Port of Ilyichevsk can handle two rail-ferries and two roll-on/roll-off vessels (or motor vehicle ferries) can simultaneously. The Multi-modal Complex contains storage for about 7000 vehicles, including a storage yard for 450 containers and 30 trucks with trailers. Complex facilities allow the Port of Ilyichevsk to handle 130 thousand motor vehicles per year.

Two railway-ferry lines operate from the Port of Ilyichevsk on the Black Sea: Ilyichevski‑Varna (Bulgaria) ‑Poti/Batumi (Georgia) and Port of Ilyichevsk‑Derindge (Turkey). Four ferry boats operate from the Port of Ilyichevsk, each with capacity for 108 rail wagons or heavy trucks. One ferry boat, operating between Ilyichevsk and Poti, can handle 50 wagons and 50 motor vehicles. Travel time for the ferries is 18 hours for Varna, 44 hours for Poti, 46 hours for Batumi, and 27 hours for Derindge.

The Grain Handling Complex at the Port of Ilyichevsk is located at Berths 16 and 17, and it has capacity to handle 6.2 million tons of cargo per year. Each berth is 200 meters long with alongside depth of 11.5 meters. The grain complex includes 38 silo towers, each with capacity for five thousand tons, allowing simultaneous storage of 190 thousand tons of grain. The grain complex has capacity to load two ships and a total of 1600 tons per hour. It also has capacity to unload 250 wagons or 20 thousand tons of grain per day. The grain complex can accommodate two Panamax vessels up to 70 thousand DWT at the same time.

The Port of Ilyichevsk complex for handling and storing bulk cargoes is located at Berth 10, which has a depth of 11.5 meters. The bulk complex handles imports of non-ferrous metals and other bulk cargoes. The storehouse has capacity for up to 120 tons of cargo, and the complex's output is 2.1 million tons per year.

The Port of Ilyichevsk has a specialized complex for handling chemicals and other bulk cargo exports. Berth 19 is 220 meters long, and Berth 20 is 200 meters long. Part of the complex is fitted for handling bulk cargoes of granulated sulfur. The complex has two sheltered stations for discharging wagons that can handle 1.2 million tons of sulfur and dry bulk fertilizers per year. The warehouses can store up to 75 thousand tons.

Located at Berth 25, the Port of Ilyichevsk Fuel Terminal has capacity to handle 3.23 million tons of fuel oil products per year. Berth 25 is 290 meters long with alongside depth of 12 meters. The terminal can receive oil products by rail and store them in onshore reservoirs with capacity for over 72 thousand cubic meters before loading to tankers. Separate pipelines and pumps are provided for oil, black oil, and light oil products.

The Port of Ilyichevsk is home to several processing plants. The Illichivsk Oil and Fats Industrial Complex is located behind the port and connected to Berth 21. Vegetable oils for export and tropical oils for import are carried by pipeline between the plant and berth. The pour oils station and coastal tanks have capacity for 36 thousand cubic meters of sunflower and tropical oils. The annual capacity for the complex is one million tons of cargo. Plans for the complex include a new factory for processing tropical oils, elevators for soya beans and soya bean meal, and a factory for processing soya beans.

Also behind the port and near the Bulk Vegetable Oil Complex is the Port of Ilyichevsk's Oil Extraction Plant. The plant processes sunflower seeds for export of vegetable oils. The plant produces an additional 300 thousand tons of cargo traffic for the Port of Ilyichevsk each year.

Near the Grain Handling Complex is the Port of Ilyichevsk's agricultural products processing plant with tanks for storage of sunflower seeds and vegetable oils and equipment for loading the oil on vessels and for transporting soya bean meal to the warehouse. The covered warehouse for soya bean meal is behind Berth 17 and adds 1.1 million tons of cargo to the Port of Ilyichevsk's freight traffic each year.

The Port of Ilyichevsk has ambitious management. In addition to the achievements it has made in the last 50 years, the Port of Ilyichevsk has plans for further expansion and improvements. The planning program extends to 2015 and includes increasing port capacity to 54.1 million tons by reshaping and reconstructing terminals and building new cargo complexes to meet market needs.

The Port of Ilyichevsk will focus on developing international container and inter-modal transport facilities, improving facilities to more effectively handle bulk cargo imports, making it easier to export metal products to support this Ukrainian sector, and rebuilding existing and developing new automobile entrances.

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