Kherson Commerical Seaport
Port Commerce

Kherson Commercial Seaport is governed by the Kherson Port Authority. Kherson Commercial Seaport is open year-round; however, ice-breakers clear the Dnieper for vessels during the winter. While the Dnieper Estuary is a national reserve, ships navigate the river's branches.

Kherson Commercial Seaport has capacity to handle five million tons of cargo per year. More than 40% of the cargoes passing through the port are mineral fertilizers and bulk chemicals, and another 40% is cereals. Kherson Commercial Seaport also handles ferrous metals, timber, and peat.

Services offered by the Kherson Commercial Seaport include the handling of foreign and cabotage cargoes, loading/unloading, bagging of bulk chemicals, transshipment of foreign commercial cargoes to ports in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, tugs, ice-breaking, and quarrying and delivery of sand. The Kherson Commercial Seaport Repairing-Building Section also provides building and repair services for industrial and public buildings and roads.

Kherson Commercial Seaport specializes in handling bulk and packed chemical and mineral fertilizers, and it offers ample covered and open storage as well as storage in floating barges. A special reloading complex offers bagging services for bulk fertilizers. Kherson Commercial Seaport cranes have capacity to lift up to ten tons, and its floating cranes can lift up to 150 tons during reloading operations.

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