Port of Sfax
Port Commerce

Tunisia's Office of Merchant Navy and Ports is the port authority for the Port of Sfax. The modern Port of Sfax is a multi-purpose port that handles primarily solid bulk cargoes, including phosphate and its by-products, sea salt, and cereals. In 2008, 1708 vessels called at the Port of Sfax carrying almost 5.1 million tons of cargo.

The principal basin in the Port of Sfax covers 42 hectares of water surface and is 10.5 meters deep. The petroleum basin covers 15 hectares of water surface and is also 10.5 meters deep. The service basin for smaller vessels contains 4.25 hectares of water surface and is 8.5 meters deep.

The wharfs in the Port of Sfax are a total of 2589 meters long, and they contain nine quays, all with alongside depth of 10.5 meters. The commercial quay in the northwest area of the Port of Sfax contains five berths. The quay is 520 meters long and contains two pumping stations for handling bulk oil. The south commercial quay has three berthing positions totaling 517 meters in length and one 150-meter roll-on/roll-off berth with a mobile footbridge for rolling cargoes.

The special oil berths are 150 meters long, and the phosphate berths in the northeastern Port of Sfax (584 meters long) are equipped with a fixed conveyor best with capacity for 350 tons per hour and an electric crane with capacity for 500 tons per hour. The sulfur berth is 220 meters long and has a 90-ton/hour electric crane. The M'dhilla Quay is 243 meters long, and the NPK Quay is 150 meters long. The salt berths are 110 meters long and are equipped with a conveyor belt with capacity for one thousand tons per hour. The berth for support equipment is 95 meters long.

The Port of Sfax' old commercial port contains a total of 3.7 thousand square meters of storage space, including two hangars and one warehouse. The Port of Sfax' new multi-purpose dock contains four hangars with a total surface of 17 thousand square meters. In addition, the multi-purpose dock has 24 hectares of uncovered platforms for cargo-handling and 9.5 hectares of uncovered platforms for storage.

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